Sunday, February 28, 2010

Binkie update

As you may (or not) remember, we tossed the binkies 10 days ago. I can't believe it's been so long!!! Time really does fly!

Anyway...after a few rough days, we're over the hump and it's ever-so-much easier now. He asked for it for the first few days, but we reminded him of where they are/were and he was OK with it. He's quite a bit more cuddly at nap and bedtime. And actually does a bit of whimper when I tell him it's time to go to sleep. I think at first it was legitimate, but now he's just milking it :) So I tell him he's going to have a good sleep with puppy and the rest of his bears, lay him down and off he goes. He does spend a bit of time playing/talking sometimes, but usually goes to sleep right away and without fussing.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

My kid does what?!?

Changes diapers?!?


Doodlebug needed a (wet) change the other evening before dinner.  As soon as I suggested that, Velcro Boy offered to do the duty.  In disbelief I started shooting away.  
He did a great job too.  Not too tight, not too loose.  Even helped him back on with his pants :)

Friday, February 26, 2010

Jesus tree week 1

As promised, I have pictures of the first week's ornaments for our Jesus tree.  The kids are really loving doing this, so it's definitely worth all the work.

Day 1 ~ The Presentation


Two Doves
Lk 2:22-38

Day 2 ~ Jesus in the Temple/Hidden Life

Lk 2:41-52

Day 3 ~ The Baptism of Jesus

Dove on Water
Mt 3:11-17

Day 4 ~ Jesus Tempted in the Desert

Tan Stones
Mt 4:1-11

Day 5 ~ Jesus' Miracle at Cana

Wine Jar
Jn 2:1-11

Day 6 ~ Jesus Cleanses the Temple

Jn 2:13-17

Day 7 ~ Sermon on the Mount/Charity

Mt 5:1-16

I have through day 14 done.  I'll post pictures each week.  As you can tell, they did not go "in order" with the stories.  Unfortunately I didn't realize it until we got to day 6 (that's what I get for not looking ahead).  Since I really don't have time to reorder them (now), I'll correct them for next year and put them in biblical order.

For some of them I'm reading from one of the (many) kids' bibles that we have.  For some of them I'm reading the actual scripture.  Today started something interesting, I wonder if it will continue.  I first read from the children's bible, then The Professor asked me to read from Scripture.  So I did.  He seemed to like it (me too).

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Daybook February 23, 2010

For Today...

February 23, 2010

Outside my window... cloudy, overcast sky.  High today ~80 degrees.  UUGH!  I'm tired of the weather not making up it's mind and going up and down.  Tomorrow is supposed to cool off again.

I am thinking...that I need to work harder on spending less time on the computer.  The few days I was successful in doing that went so much smoother.

I am thankful husband!  He did pick-up and drop-off for the last two days!!!  This saves me so much time and lets me get some things done.

From the learning rooms... back to school.  We took last week off, didn't accomplish as much as I would have liked, but...  We started unit 1 for RC History, we're plugging away learning about the colonies in American History, triple digit subtraction, grammar, spelling, Lenten studies.

From the kitchen...not much :(

On weight-loss...I'm even.  For 6 weeks of weight ins, I'm only down a pound :(  Not so good, but better than up :)
I am wearing... khaki shorts, purple short-sleeves (seems to be a color theme lately ;) ), bare feet (that need a pedicure)

I am creating...lots of things!
1.  A Jesus tree!  I got the banner done as well as the first 14 ornaments.  See post here!  I need to get pictures of the rest soon.

2.  A crown of thorns.

3.  Some Easter crafts.

I am try to dip a little deeper.  There's something that just isn't working in my life right now.  I have *no* idea what it is, so I think I need to spend some quiet time and time in prayer.  I may also be so close to it that I can't see the forest for the trees so I may need to ask for some help (not an easy thing for me).

I am reading...still nothing :(  (maybe this is the problem...)

I am hoping...that I can accomplish a few things today.

I am playing nicely.  The middle one is out with his dad, so it's just the two and myself right now.  The dynamics are so different when he's not here.

Around the day (and still too many toys).

One of my favorite things...adoration.  Something I think I sorely need right now.

A few plans for the rest of the week:, meal planning for the next month or so, bills, possibly the second night of the parish Lenten mission., and the gym. for Velcro Boy and grocery shopping.
Friday...MOM's meeting and the gym...maybe the playground.
Sunday...Mass and the gym

Here is picture thought I am sharing...


These kids live to read!  (the boys are mine, the cutie on The Professor's lap is my niece).

To check out more daybooks visit Peggy!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Pacifier woes

As I posted yesterday, we tossed the binkies in the dumpster and Doodlebug didn't nap well (he never went back to sleep after waking up).

I put him to bed last night with little/no fuss.   He was quiet for about 15 minutes, then lots of tears.   Poor kid is soooo tired.  He did sleep through the night though!!!  At least he didn't wake me up, and that's what counts, right?!? ;)

He asked about it once this morning after bumping himself, I reminded him that they were gone and he was fine.   Nap time didn't go so smoothly.   He cried for about 35 minutes (he didn't want to lie down when I put him in bed), then slept for over 2 hours.   He woke momentarily after ~45 minutes then back to sleep.

Tonight was almost a repeat of the nap.   He didn't want to lie down when I put him in bed, he stood there crying.   I would have cuddled, but it only prolongs the agony (tried it yesterday).   So I left the room.   After letting him cry for a few minutes, hubby went in to cuddle him.   He settled down and lay back down quietly.   Over an hour later I can still hear him over the monitor making noises, but at least he's not screaming :)

Friday, February 19, 2010

Lenten Sacrifices

After much thought and some prayer, I've decided what to give up for Lent (and hopefully for some time after)...

~Checking the computer so much~

I've been in the habit for I don't know how long of checking the blogs and emails several times a day.  Of course once on the computer it's impossible to just do what you planned to do.  After all, it's the notorious time sucker :)  So I think it will save me considerable time just checking things once per day.  I was successful the last 2 days :)  Not so much today :(

I've also decided that I *really* need to start following my schedule and get to bed on time (10:30-11:00).  I also need to make sure I get up on time too.  It's hard to get the gang out of the house on time when you start tired and late.  

What's everyone else giving up???

They're gone!

The binkies I mean. Doodlebug tossed them in the dumpster this morning and watched the garbage truck pick them up a few hours later. The morning went well (I'm told, I wasn't here).

At nap time he kept asking for his "me me" and I kept telling him about throwing them away, the garbage truck and the dentist saying they were hurting his mouth. He looked in all the usual places we keep them, even a few we don't. He was OK during the book/diaper change then started crying when it came time to lie down. So I cuddled him and rocked, and rocked and ... Finally I told him he needed to lie down (he wasn't falling asleep on me), and he did and was quiet! He slept for a little bit, but about 45 minutes after I layed him down, he was up crying. He's OK as long as I'm holding him, but he wants nothing to do with his crib. So...he's upstairs. Crying. And has been for about 25 minutes now. Let's hope he goes back to sleep.

Jesus tree

I finally, finally, finally got around to getting started on this.  Now I know why I kept putting it off.

This is the finished banner...

For those that don't know, The Professor is quite tall.  He's on the large side for a 6 1/2 year old.  This banner comes from his nose to below his knees!  It's huge!

And each of those little twigs on the branch had to be sewn around.


Up.Turn.Down.Turn.Up.Turn.etc, etc.etc.  
It took forever (and a trip to Wal-Mart for more thread) to sew it on!

It came out nicely though!

I even got the first 3 ornaments (out of 47!) done.

The two turtle doves for the Presentation of Jesus in the temple.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Valentine's Day

I know, it's late.  But better late than never :)

As usual, we didn't do as much as I had originally planned.  I was going to make a heart-shaped cake, but my dad's birthday was on the 11th.  We celebrated with dinner and cake and I didn't feel like making another one again so soon.  Oh well, maybe next year :)

We did...


I found this at Wal-Mart for $3.  It contains enough to make 8 necklaces!
That's enough for 3 years of necklaces! 
Making them was fun...

At least when the "beads" would stay on the string...
they kept falling off. 

I finally had the idea of putting bag clips on the ends of the strings to hold the beads :)

And what food making project would be complete without a taste test?!?

Looks yummy, huh?!?

I guess the candy is much harder than he expected.

What one does...


So does the other!
And of course, Valentines wouldn't be Valentines without a little candy...

Pretzel bites (as we call them).  Others call them pretzel dots :)

It was a nice Valentine's Day.  How about yours?

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lenten Countdown Calendar

I found this idea (the second one down) and thought it was so cute!

So, this is what I managed to do...


I finished it last night and didn't get a picture until the kids had already put the first cotton ball ball of fleece on it :)

Doodlebug's first dentist

The boys all went to see the dentist yesterday.  No cavities, clean bills of health all around.

Yesterday was Doodlebug's first visit as a patient.  He's been there several times as an observer :)  The dentist's office is set up as an open bay style with three chairs in a row.  Each chair has a counter between it, so there is some privacy.  With siblings, they put one in each chair, two hygienists and do them at the same time.  Velcro Boy went in one chair, and he was being a bit difficult so I stayed with him.  The Professor went in another chair with hubby with him.  Since Velcro Boy didn't want to cooperate, Doodlebug went to watch The Professor so he wouldn't get a bad opinion from his brother.  All went well.  When it came to his turn, I was in the x-ray room with VB, so hubby was with doodle.  I heard some crying from where I was, so I had hubby trade places with me.  By that time however, Doodlebug had calmed down and was letting the hygienist do her work.  He did very well.  He was a bit shocked the first time she squirted water in his mouth, but then took to it like a trouper. 

The dentist wants to put sealants on The Professor's permanent molars, maybe in another 6 months once they grow further out from the gums.  His bottom front teeth are a bit squished together, so we're hoping they will spread out as his mouth continues to grow.

Doodlebug has to stop using the binkie (pacifier).  When babies are born, there is a curve to the roof of the mouth.  This curve flattens out with growth.  The negative pressure from him sucking has caused this curve not to flatten out as much as is normal plus there is a bit of misalignment in the front teeth also caused by the negative pressure holding the muscles from letting things move.

He has a cold now, so the dentist said when he's better the binkie has to go.  We'll go cold turkey like we did for VB.  On trash day, DB will toss them in the dumpster, then watch the garbage truck pick-up.  Doodle is very stubborn and will cry for a LONG time before giving up.  I give in before he does.  This way I can't give in.  Plus it gives him a finality that they're really gone.  So, in about a week we'll be binkie free!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Daybook February 15, 2010

For Today...

February 15, 2010

Outside my window... Clear sunny sky.  Puffy white clouds.  ~70 degrees.  It's beautiful.  Just a tad bit too chilly to open the windows, but at least we don't have to have long sleeves on inside for once ;)

I am thinking...that little boys like buttons on keyboards a bit too much ;)

I am thankful for...taking this week off school.  We did 4 weeks, and now I need to get some other things done (like the Jesus tree and the book shopping list I mentioned last week ~ insert sheepish look here ;)

From the learning rooms... Presidents Day reading today, Lenten reading begins Wednesday along with the Jesus tree!

From the kitchen...turkey barley soup for lunch.

On weight-loss...I'm even.  For 5 weeks of weight ins, I'm only down a pound :(  Not so good, but better than up :)
I am wearing... black pants and blue short-sleeves that could be described as stonewear blue.

I am creating...lots of things!
1.  A Jesus tree!  I finally got the branch cut out.  I'm sewing it on today and will get started on the ornaments.  Better hurry, Lent starts Wednesday!  (How did that happen???)

2.  A Lenten countdown calendar similar (I hope) to this one found here! (The second one down)

3. Plans for Lent.  Lots and lots of plans

I am make lunch very soon.

I am reading...nothing right now. 

I am hoping...these kids get better soon!  Doodlebug is still sick (I'm thinking a trip to the doctor may be in order), and now the other two are sick also.  Fortunately not as bad, just some sniffles.  I had throat for a few days, but it seems to have gone away.  Thank God!

I am hearing...some very annoying toys, so I'm thinking a lot about this article.  I think I feel a toy purge coming on.  Several people are doing a 40 bags in 40 days challenge, but I don't think I have that much I can get rid of.  I just did a purge recently.

Around the house...those annoying toys...

One of my favorite things...crafting ~ I'm going to have some fun soon.

A few plans for the rest of the week: cleaning, shopping, crafting, sewing, laundry, laundry, laundry....

Here is picture thought I am sharing...


Doodlebug's new shoes!
Aren't they just the cutest piggies you ever did see?!?

To check out more daybooks visit Peggy!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Daybook February 8, 2010

For Today...

February 8, 2010

Outside my window... clear blue sunny sky.  ~ 72 degrees.  Chilly the last 2 days, warmer tomorrow, then cooler again.  This weather does a job on my sinuses.

I am thinking...I'm really glad I backed out of facilitating that MOM's program.  Tonight was supposed to be the first meeting.  There's NO way we would have been ready.

I am thankful for...electricity.  There are a lot that don't have it right now.

From the learning rooms... working on our altered schedule.  Today went fairly well.  We start incorporating the World History this week.  American History is coming along nicely.  We're working from the Pilgrims to the Revolutionary War.  We move slowly though.  It'll take a while.  The Professor flew through 3 digit addition (and rounding!), now we're moving onto 3 digit subtraction.

Velcro Boy started his speech therapy program last Thursday, so today was his second day.  The teacher says he's doing very well adapting to the class.  He seems to like it, though he is quite reluctant to give a recap of his morning when I pick him up.

From the kitchen...sesame chicken, rice & salad.

On weight-loss...down a pound!
I am wearing... black jeans, lavender t-shirt.

I am creating...a book shopping list.  One of my favorite things :)

I am review the World History program for The Professor tonight!

I am reading...nothing at the moment!

I am hoping...Velcro Boy makes fast improvement. And that Doodlebug gets well soon.  It's just a mild cold, but I'm hoping the rest don't get it.  I can't leave them at the Kid's Club at the gym is they're sick.  I only made it once last week.  I'm missing today too.

I am playing nicely.  Upstairs.  I'm downstairs.  Relative quiet.

Around the house...laundry to put away... sigh!

One of my favorite things...reading and sleeping.  Ok, it's 2 but I realized the other thing that my 2 favorite things to do are the things I actually don't do enough of.

A few plans for the rest of the week: school, groceries, cleaning, a trip to the science museum, gym (hopefully), and a house warming party (hopefully, see above for Doodlebug).

Here is picture thought I am sharing...

The kid loves his play-doh!

To check out more daybooks visit Peggy!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Professor's new look

For his last exam, the eye doctor gave us a new prescription.  I had just gotten him new glasses, so the doc said it was OK to wait a bit.  Well, a bit has come and gone, and now it's just been a long time.  So I decided it was time for a new look...




These pictures were only taken a couple days apart.
He's getting so grown up.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Boo Hoo

With the recent changes to our routines around here what with Velcro Boy's speech therapy, I've had to look at the necessity of some of the things that I do.  This one just kept coming back to me.  You guessed it, I'm not going to be able to do the Monday night MOM's group :(  The time it would require, about 8-9 hours every other week, it exactly the time I'll be loosing from our routine. 

There will be other groups, and hopefully the Holy Spirit will see fit to lead me to one of them.  I feel bad backing out on them at the last minute, but I also feel so much less stressed about it.

Doodlebug's second birthday!

Just thought I would share some pictures!


The Cake - I usually make a "specialty" cake of some kind but just did not have one in me this time around.  So, this one is sort of plain.  It is a strawberry cake though and he loved it!  That's what's important.


Blowing out his candles!  First shot too.  In fact, he did it so quickly that I missed it :(
He was only too happy to do it again...
And again...and again...


Opening presents with his brother and cousin looking over his shoulder.


These kids all love to read, that they just plopped down around me in the  middle of the living room floor!


The Professor sharing his lap :)


Mommy and boy (I guess he's no longer a baby :( )

Friday, February 5, 2010

Favorite Fives : Kitchen

This seems like a really fun idea!  What are my 5 favorite kitchen things?  Oh, so many to choose little time...

Definitely my KitchenAid stand mixer  I mean it's just the classic, but I use it nearly every day!  I make bread several times a week, and this machine saves me sooo much time and effort.  


A VERY close second would be my J.A. Henkel's knives.  They rock!  The chef's knife cuts through potatoes like a hot knife through butter.  Unfortunately, it also cuts through skin the same way ;(


My toaster oven!  I toast, I bake, I broil.  I save electricity!  Rather than use the big oven, I use it all the time.


My Black & Decker mini-chopper.  I got it when Doodlebug was starting on solids and I pureed everything.  It's great for chopping garlic, onions, peppers, etc, etc, etc.  It's also great for emulsification.  I make my own salad dressing, so it gets a lot of use.  However, the boys are getting bigger...appetites are getting I think this fav is going to change to my KitchenAid food processor :) 


My cookbooks.  I spent years collecting and sorting recipes and now have quite a collection.  I couldn't get by without them!

How about you?  What are your favorite kitchen things??
Go see Emily at God's Canvas  for more kitchen favs!

Velcro Boy's First Day of "school"

 Sorry, I just can't bring myself to call it school.   I know, the class is in a public school building, There are other kids, not related to him, there.   He does educational-type-pre-school things.   But I just can't call it school.

Anyway, the first day went well.   I think bringing him on Tuesday was an enormous help.   We brought breakfast with us.   He didn't want to finish at home, and some of the other kids eat there as well through the low-income free meals program.   Hubby was off today, so the other boys stayed home with him, and I took VB myself.   Lucky kids, they were just waking up when he and I were leaving at 7:30.   It took about 20 minutes to get there, and I stayed with him while he ate and got him settled with the toys, then said my good-byes.   He didn't really want me to go, but...   No tears, though I did expect to see his little face looking out the window in the classroom door as I walked away - no he didn't.

I went grocery shopping.   When I picked him up she said he did very well.   He even talked!   Most of his answers were "I don't know", like they are for us.   I just wonder if she got to see the same playful grin we see when he gives us those answers.  

She asks that each child bring a backpack every day to class (even though it's usually empty!), it's a good way to send things home to me and vise versa if there's something I need to send in.   Velcro Boy was so happy to go pick out a backpack, he wouldn't let me go today and do it myself, we had to make a special trip on Tuesday so he could be there.  



Is he cute or what?!?

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Observation & Registration

I got to fill in another 5 pages of forms today!  I hate bureaucracies!  Too many forms...  Anyway, after a fiasco with getting shot records from 2 different doctor's offices (if you ever change pediatricians, make sure the current one has all the records!), Velcro Boy is registered at B Farms.  We also spent a little over an hour watching the group today. 

His new teacher is awesome!!!!  Good energy, great engagement with the kids.  Actively tried to engage him in the activities without pushing him.  He did finally sit down for circle time (with me next to him), then he did some coloring.  She was able to get him to talk to her after a while and I think he's going to open up to her quickly.  I think he's going to have a lot of fun there. 

BUT...this isn't about having fun (these are all activities we do here anyway!), it's about learning to talk.  She and I went through the evaluation report and the IEP.  She said that over the next week or so as she gets to know him and his various deficiencies, she will get a better picture as to what she needs to do with him.  After that, she would have some activities to send home.  Until then, she said to continue to model for him (repeat what he says correctly and slowly), enunciate and watch the speed of our speech (sometimes I do talk too fast - too many kids to yell at I suppose :) ).

The room is fantastic.  Bright, open and well stocked with toys, books and learning stuff :)  I want this room for my home!  They have various centers set up (kitchen, art/crafts, computers, vehicles, animals, dress up, reading, tons of puzzles) and probably several more I failed to identify.  They have their own playground where they go almost daily (except when wet), they do circle time, crafts etc.  She also has an aide (very nice lady) and she works with each kid one-on-one. 

His first day will be Thursday, then he will go Monday through Thursday each week.

Monday, February 1, 2010

For Today...

February 1, 2010

Where has the year gone?!?

Outside my window... wet. wet. wet.  Need I say more???  It's been raining  UUGH!

I am thinking...that I may actually get most of the to-do list done today!  I'm so excited.

I am thankful friends.

From the learning rooms... same thing different day :)  Velcro Boy's going to be starting a speech therapy program this week, so I've been getting ready for that.  The Professor's moving from double-digit addition/subtraction to triple digits. 

From the kitchen...terryaki chicken, rice & salad.

On weight-loss...Back up to my baseline.  Doodlebug's birthday was celebrated several times.  Much, too much eating this past week.
I am wearing... blue shorts, gray t-shirt, barefeet.

I am creating...a liturgical notebook.  I'm busily pulling ideas from others' blogs to create a notebook of ideas of things to do for the various feast days that we celebrate.  We haven't been very successful at doing much for them in the past, I want to do better this year.  Part of living more deliberately. 

The Jesus tree will be started in the next few days.  Lent is coming!

I'm also revising the schedule to reflect the time we'll spend in the car for speech therapy, getting up earlier, etc.

I am start a Jesus tree soon!

I am reading...nothing at the moment!

I am hoping...that my schedule will work.  I'll post it soon.

I am arguing...

Around the house...decorating for Valentine's Day, not that there's much to put out...

The Nativity has been put away.  Today's the last day...

One of my favorite things...listening to the sound of rain while curled up in bed.  Something I'm not doing right now. :(

A few plans for the rest of the week: 3 days of school, registering Velcro Boy in school, observing his new class, Doodlebugs 2 year check up, first day of school for Velcro Boy, grocery shopping, Doodlebug's portraits, cleaning day.  And maybe, just maybe, a trip to the science museum for the Science of Chocolate sponsored by Hoffman's Chocolates.

Here is picture thought I am sharing...

nada.  They're all in the camera right now.

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