Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Observation & Registration

I got to fill in another 5 pages of forms today!  I hate bureaucracies!  Too many forms...  Anyway, after a fiasco with getting shot records from 2 different doctor's offices (if you ever change pediatricians, make sure the current one has all the records!), Velcro Boy is registered at B Farms.  We also spent a little over an hour watching the group today. 

His new teacher is awesome!!!!  Good energy, great engagement with the kids.  Actively tried to engage him in the activities without pushing him.  He did finally sit down for circle time (with me next to him), then he did some coloring.  She was able to get him to talk to her after a while and I think he's going to open up to her quickly.  I think he's going to have a lot of fun there. 

BUT...this isn't about having fun (these are all activities we do here anyway!), it's about learning to talk.  She and I went through the evaluation report and the IEP.  She said that over the next week or so as she gets to know him and his various deficiencies, she will get a better picture as to what she needs to do with him.  After that, she would have some activities to send home.  Until then, she said to continue to model for him (repeat what he says correctly and slowly), enunciate and watch the speed of our speech (sometimes I do talk too fast - too many kids to yell at I suppose :) ).

The room is fantastic.  Bright, open and well stocked with toys, books and learning stuff :)  I want this room for my home!  They have various centers set up (kitchen, art/crafts, computers, vehicles, animals, dress up, reading, tons of puzzles) and probably several more I failed to identify.  They have their own playground where they go almost daily (except when wet), they do circle time, crafts etc.  She also has an aide (very nice lady) and she works with each kid one-on-one. 

His first day will be Thursday, then he will go Monday through Thursday each week.

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