Friday, February 5, 2010

Velcro Boy's First Day of "school"

 Sorry, I just can't bring myself to call it school.   I know, the class is in a public school building, There are other kids, not related to him, there.   He does educational-type-pre-school things.   But I just can't call it school.

Anyway, the first day went well.   I think bringing him on Tuesday was an enormous help.   We brought breakfast with us.   He didn't want to finish at home, and some of the other kids eat there as well through the low-income free meals program.   Hubby was off today, so the other boys stayed home with him, and I took VB myself.   Lucky kids, they were just waking up when he and I were leaving at 7:30.   It took about 20 minutes to get there, and I stayed with him while he ate and got him settled with the toys, then said my good-byes.   He didn't really want me to go, but...   No tears, though I did expect to see his little face looking out the window in the classroom door as I walked away - no he didn't.

I went grocery shopping.   When I picked him up she said he did very well.   He even talked!   Most of his answers were "I don't know", like they are for us.   I just wonder if she got to see the same playful grin we see when he gives us those answers.  

She asks that each child bring a backpack every day to class (even though it's usually empty!), it's a good way to send things home to me and vise versa if there's something I need to send in.   Velcro Boy was so happy to go pick out a backpack, he wouldn't let me go today and do it myself, we had to make a special trip on Tuesday so he could be there.  



Is he cute or what?!?

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