Saturday, February 6, 2010

Doodlebug's second birthday!

Just thought I would share some pictures!


The Cake - I usually make a "specialty" cake of some kind but just did not have one in me this time around.  So, this one is sort of plain.  It is a strawberry cake though and he loved it!  That's what's important.


Blowing out his candles!  First shot too.  In fact, he did it so quickly that I missed it :(
He was only too happy to do it again...
And again...and again...


Opening presents with his brother and cousin looking over his shoulder.


These kids all love to read, that they just plopped down around me in the  middle of the living room floor!


The Professor sharing his lap :)


Mommy and boy (I guess he's no longer a baby :( )

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