Friday, February 19, 2010

They're gone!

The binkies I mean. Doodlebug tossed them in the dumpster this morning and watched the garbage truck pick them up a few hours later. The morning went well (I'm told, I wasn't here).

At nap time he kept asking for his "me me" and I kept telling him about throwing them away, the garbage truck and the dentist saying they were hurting his mouth. He looked in all the usual places we keep them, even a few we don't. He was OK during the book/diaper change then started crying when it came time to lie down. So I cuddled him and rocked, and rocked and ... Finally I told him he needed to lie down (he wasn't falling asleep on me), and he did and was quiet! He slept for a little bit, but about 45 minutes after I layed him down, he was up crying. He's OK as long as I'm holding him, but he wants nothing to do with his crib. So...he's upstairs. Crying. And has been for about 25 minutes now. Let's hope he goes back to sleep.

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