Friday, February 19, 2010

Lenten Sacrifices

After much thought and some prayer, I've decided what to give up for Lent (and hopefully for some time after)...

~Checking the computer so much~

I've been in the habit for I don't know how long of checking the blogs and emails several times a day.  Of course once on the computer it's impossible to just do what you planned to do.  After all, it's the notorious time sucker :)  So I think it will save me considerable time just checking things once per day.  I was successful the last 2 days :)  Not so much today :(

I've also decided that I *really* need to start following my schedule and get to bed on time (10:30-11:00).  I also need to make sure I get up on time too.  It's hard to get the gang out of the house on time when you start tired and late.  

What's everyone else giving up???

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