Monday, February 8, 2010

Daybook February 8, 2010

For Today...

February 8, 2010

Outside my window... clear blue sunny sky.  ~ 72 degrees.  Chilly the last 2 days, warmer tomorrow, then cooler again.  This weather does a job on my sinuses.

I am thinking...I'm really glad I backed out of facilitating that MOM's program.  Tonight was supposed to be the first meeting.  There's NO way we would have been ready.

I am thankful for...electricity.  There are a lot that don't have it right now.

From the learning rooms... working on our altered schedule.  Today went fairly well.  We start incorporating the World History this week.  American History is coming along nicely.  We're working from the Pilgrims to the Revolutionary War.  We move slowly though.  It'll take a while.  The Professor flew through 3 digit addition (and rounding!), now we're moving onto 3 digit subtraction.

Velcro Boy started his speech therapy program last Thursday, so today was his second day.  The teacher says he's doing very well adapting to the class.  He seems to like it, though he is quite reluctant to give a recap of his morning when I pick him up.

From the kitchen...sesame chicken, rice & salad.

On weight-loss...down a pound!
I am wearing... black jeans, lavender t-shirt.

I am creating...a book shopping list.  One of my favorite things :)

I am review the World History program for The Professor tonight!

I am reading...nothing at the moment!

I am hoping...Velcro Boy makes fast improvement. And that Doodlebug gets well soon.  It's just a mild cold, but I'm hoping the rest don't get it.  I can't leave them at the Kid's Club at the gym is they're sick.  I only made it once last week.  I'm missing today too.

I am playing nicely.  Upstairs.  I'm downstairs.  Relative quiet.

Around the house...laundry to put away... sigh!

One of my favorite things...reading and sleeping.  Ok, it's 2 but I realized the other thing that my 2 favorite things to do are the things I actually don't do enough of.

A few plans for the rest of the week: school, groceries, cleaning, a trip to the science museum, gym (hopefully), and a house warming party (hopefully, see above for Doodlebug).

Here is picture thought I am sharing...

The kid loves his play-doh!

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  1. Oh what a fun read. I love your kids nickname. The photo is so cute cutting playdough with scissors he looks like he is so concentrating. Enjoy your warm weather.
    Have a Blessed Week,


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