Sunday, March 13, 2011

Doodlebug is 3!!!

and 6 weeks later...I'm finally posting pictures & video!!!  My only defense is a trip out of town, soccer games and unavailable guests delayed his party (by 3 weeks).

The new favorite toy.  Toy Story Memory game from Aunt & Uncle.

Thomas bubble set!

Of course, big brother HAS to explain how it works ;)

street sweeper truck

fire truck, And he's wearing a new shirt (as if the tag didn't give it away).  It says goal all over the front with pictures of soccer balls.

The Lion Country Safari Cake!!!!

Blowing out candles...

please forgive the singing...we're a bit tone deaf ;)

Friday, March 11, 2011

Cub Scouts Blue & Gold Banquet 2011

We had our annual Blue & Gold Banquet recently, and it was a great success.  Once a year the pack gets together for a banquet.  This is when the boys usually get most/all of the awards/badges/ranks that they have earned through the year.  They do get stuff at each monthly pack meeting, but the month or 2 before the banquet there are no pack meetings.  Our cubmaster likes to save it all up :)  If the boys haven't completed all the requirements for their rank badges (as most haven't), they are on an honor system to get their requirements completed.  The Professor is just two sub-requirements away from being done.  He needs to fold an American flag and participate in a flag raising/lowering ceremony.  Due to circumstances, we haven't been able to come across a flagpole in time.  We will have access to one and should get these completed in the next month or so.

So...The Professor is now a Wolf!!!

This is the banquet hall.  It's actually an American Legion post.

The boys all getting their badges for the Pinewood Derby.
The Professor getting his Wolf rank.
The Professor getting one of his beltloops.
Most of the pack.  There are 2 boys that weren't there. (The pack photographer also isn't shown, she's behind the camera ;)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Lent traditions

Since what we're doing this year is basically that same as last year (I guess that's why they're called traditions...), most of this is from last year...

Our countdown calendar...


The Crown of Thorns...


How would you like one of these shoved into your head?!?



They are actually only toothpicks painted black and glued in place, but you get the point

(he he ~ no pun intended)

Our food for thought is now on the crown molding over our back room

And of course we have our Jesus tree too!

We completed the Lenten lapbook that I meant to do last year.  I'll post pictures soon.

We've decided to give up a few things for this Lent.  Crazy bread and sweets (except for Sundays, holidays and Feast Days).  The money that we save will go into our Rice Bowl for Catholic Relief Services.  We'll also be in front of the local abortion clinic each week (Tuesdays mostly, since it's a busy day) to support 40 Days for Life.  I'll also be adding some Lenten spiritual reading, and trying to restart our prayer times with Rosary, Chaplet of Divine Mercy and Liturgy of the Hours.  This rededication of time will have to come from somewhere else, so the looser will have to be the computer.  I won't disappear completely :), but will be pulling back a bit.  I have some posts to catch up on though.