Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Doodlebug's first dentist

The boys all went to see the dentist yesterday.  No cavities, clean bills of health all around.

Yesterday was Doodlebug's first visit as a patient.  He's been there several times as an observer :)  The dentist's office is set up as an open bay style with three chairs in a row.  Each chair has a counter between it, so there is some privacy.  With siblings, they put one in each chair, two hygienists and do them at the same time.  Velcro Boy went in one chair, and he was being a bit difficult so I stayed with him.  The Professor went in another chair with hubby with him.  Since Velcro Boy didn't want to cooperate, Doodlebug went to watch The Professor so he wouldn't get a bad opinion from his brother.  All went well.  When it came to his turn, I was in the x-ray room with VB, so hubby was with doodle.  I heard some crying from where I was, so I had hubby trade places with me.  By that time however, Doodlebug had calmed down and was letting the hygienist do her work.  He did very well.  He was a bit shocked the first time she squirted water in his mouth, but then took to it like a trouper. 

The dentist wants to put sealants on The Professor's permanent molars, maybe in another 6 months once they grow further out from the gums.  His bottom front teeth are a bit squished together, so we're hoping they will spread out as his mouth continues to grow.

Doodlebug has to stop using the binkie (pacifier).  When babies are born, there is a curve to the roof of the mouth.  This curve flattens out with growth.  The negative pressure from him sucking has caused this curve not to flatten out as much as is normal plus there is a bit of misalignment in the front teeth also caused by the negative pressure holding the muscles from letting things move.

He has a cold now, so the dentist said when he's better the binkie has to go.  We'll go cold turkey like we did for VB.  On trash day, DB will toss them in the dumpster, then watch the garbage truck pick-up.  Doodle is very stubborn and will cry for a LONG time before giving up.  I give in before he does.  This way I can't give in.  Plus it gives him a finality that they're really gone.  So, in about a week we'll be binkie free!

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