Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Funny stuff

Some miscellaneous pictures of the boys...

Doodlebug has graduated from a 5 point restraint "baby" seat to a real big-boy belt positioning booster!!!!  So much easier

My mom recently knitted the boys some hats.  You know, for when it gets "cold" :)  They took to wearing them pulled down over to their eyes and I commented that they look like "gangsta rappers".

Like all hoodlums they had to lean as well :)

Monday, January 17, 2011

12 Days of Christmas lapbook

Last year I picked up a lapbook for the 12 Days of Christmas from Faith Folders for Catholics (great company BTW), but we never had the chance to get to it.  This year we did manage it !  Did I also mention that I got the Advent lapbook too?  Got it printed and cut apart, but we never got around to assembling.  Oh well, now I have a jump for next year :)

Here are some pictures from the 12 Days of Christmas...

front cover

inside left ~ the top book is "The History of the Song", then "The Meaning of the Song" and "How strong is My Faith".  The last book gives a challenge to "test" how strong their faith is.

inside center ~ inside each matchbook, there is the "gift" given and the hidden meaning of each symbol.

front of inside flap

back of the inside flap ~ the can come up with their own clues for each of the 12 days on the catechism books.  The other two pockets are matching games ~ an excellent catechism in themselves!

right flap

back cover ~ these are the words to the song

Sunday, January 16, 2011

State by State Scrapbook ~ Maryland

Whew...almost done (catching up that it :) )

We completed our Maryland scrapbook pages...

state flag
state information
USA location map

state map
state flower
state bird

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Christmas Day

Just a "few" pictures from Christmas ;)

Our usual Christmas morning shot at the top of the stairs.  The kids are getting too big!
can the eyes get any bigger?!?
Where to start?

cap guns!

all set for soccer


he was so thrilled to be getting another pair of brown gloves (for playtime)

inchworm...remember these????
The Professor's new bike
His favorite new book!  Yes, he loves to read about the elements.

and more Thomas!

power screwdriver and a 5 year old...hmmm...this can't be good...

playing Chinese checkers with Nana and Uncle Phil
 Part of the family...There were a few more toward the bottom of the shot.

Yes...he ate ALL.that.food!
Doodlebug and Greatgrandpa.  The oldest and the youngest in one shot.  Good shot honey!
(There are actually 2 younger grandchildren in the family.  One was at my SIL's family's house and the other had not arrived at our house yet.)

Hope everyone has a blessed, safe and Merry Christmas!!!