Thursday, January 28, 2010

We have a decission

Velcro Boy will be attending a communication/pre-K program at B Elementary 2.5 hours per day Monday through Thursday 8-10:30 am.   On his test, he scored a 48, 85 is "normal" for his age.   So there is a significant deficit.   His problems are only in articulation, otherwise he is a very smart "quiet, shy and polite little boy" (therapist's words).   No big surprise here.  

His errors:
final consonant deletion (cu for cup)
stopping (diding for fishing)
cluster reduction (pane for plane)
sound substitutions (dy for cry)
sound assimilations (mum for drum and thumb)
gliding (wabbit for rabbit)

We wrote an IEP.   His goal is to produce targeted speech sounds and patterns in words by the end of the school year (June 3) with 80% mastery.   Assessed by weekly logs and observation by speech pathologist (SLP).

Short term goals:
1. to imitate sound patters of c(C)onsonant/v(V)owel, CV, CVC, CVCV
2. produce strident sounds s, sh, f, v
3. produce final consonants in simple words
4. produce velars (k,g)

An assessment will be made at the end of the school year to determine if we need to continue over the summer.   Another IEP will be written for next school year if necessary.  

How fast he makes progress is entirely decided by Velcro Boy.   They will have exercises to do at home that will help and we will continue to do what we're doing to try to get things moving. (repeating what he says correctly, insisting that he try to say things right, learning letter sounds, etc).

I have to collect the paperwork and register him at the school (waiting on doctor's offices now).   The teacher/SLP should be calling back later today to schedule a time to come observe.   He should be starting next week.   We will be transporting him to and from school.

Given the hours he will be attending, this is going to put a severe dent in our household/schooling schedule.   I'm currently trying to figure that part out.

Making this decision was very difficult for me and has involved a GREAT deal of stress and a lot of praying.   I will provide updates and information as it comes available.   Please pray that he makes speedy progress as this is going to be a very demanding few months.

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