Friday, February 26, 2010

Jesus tree week 1

As promised, I have pictures of the first week's ornaments for our Jesus tree.  The kids are really loving doing this, so it's definitely worth all the work.

Day 1 ~ The Presentation


Two Doves
Lk 2:22-38

Day 2 ~ Jesus in the Temple/Hidden Life

Lk 2:41-52

Day 3 ~ The Baptism of Jesus

Dove on Water
Mt 3:11-17

Day 4 ~ Jesus Tempted in the Desert

Tan Stones
Mt 4:1-11

Day 5 ~ Jesus' Miracle at Cana

Wine Jar
Jn 2:1-11

Day 6 ~ Jesus Cleanses the Temple

Jn 2:13-17

Day 7 ~ Sermon on the Mount/Charity

Mt 5:1-16

I have through day 14 done.  I'll post pictures each week.  As you can tell, they did not go "in order" with the stories.  Unfortunately I didn't realize it until we got to day 6 (that's what I get for not looking ahead).  Since I really don't have time to reorder them (now), I'll correct them for next year and put them in biblical order.

For some of them I'm reading from one of the (many) kids' bibles that we have.  For some of them I'm reading the actual scripture.  Today started something interesting, I wonder if it will continue.  I first read from the children's bible, then The Professor asked me to read from Scripture.  So I did.  He seemed to like it (me too).

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