Saturday, February 20, 2010

Pacifier woes

As I posted yesterday, we tossed the binkies in the dumpster and Doodlebug didn't nap well (he never went back to sleep after waking up).

I put him to bed last night with little/no fuss.   He was quiet for about 15 minutes, then lots of tears.   Poor kid is soooo tired.  He did sleep through the night though!!!  At least he didn't wake me up, and that's what counts, right?!? ;)

He asked about it once this morning after bumping himself, I reminded him that they were gone and he was fine.   Nap time didn't go so smoothly.   He cried for about 35 minutes (he didn't want to lie down when I put him in bed), then slept for over 2 hours.   He woke momentarily after ~45 minutes then back to sleep.

Tonight was almost a repeat of the nap.   He didn't want to lie down when I put him in bed, he stood there crying.   I would have cuddled, but it only prolongs the agony (tried it yesterday).   So I left the room.   After letting him cry for a few minutes, hubby went in to cuddle him.   He settled down and lay back down quietly.   Over an hour later I can still hear him over the monitor making noises, but at least he's not screaming :)

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