Saturday, October 31, 2009

Kids update

We went trick-or-treating around the parking lots here and adjacent to us.  The boys each filled their buckets about half full.  They have candy to last them until Christmas :)

I have now earned the  “worst mom of the year” award.  There are a bunch of things I’ve been forgetting to mention. 
1. Doodlebug can do puzzzles!  And has been able to do them for about 2 months now.  I just noticed it one day, so I have NO idea when he started being able to do them. 
2. He gives kisses on demand now. 
3. He picks up toy phones and actually talks like there’s a person on the other end.  “hello”, “how are you”, “good-bye”.  It’s really cute and funny.
4. His verbal skills are really taking off.  The other day he comes over to me and says “my daddy go work” (hubs was at work).  Yesterday hubby left for work while he was napping.  After Doodlebug gets get up from his nap, he goes to the front door, bangs on it and says “I love you Daddy” clear as a bell.  Then he says the same to me (except using Mommy :) ).  He also responds “I love you too (goo)”. 

More currently, Tuesday we moved him to the table.  He had discovered how to remove his tray, complete with plate of food, from his highchair.  So his booster is now at the table.  We got another floor mat and put wheels on the chair.  He can climb up into the chair (surprising since it’s quite a bit higher now), buckle up, and he has learned how to pull himself in to the table.  Unfortunately, he has also learned how to push his chair out from the table :(  He likes to do this, especially during meals.  So, now he’s learning that he looses his food when he does that.

And, he speaks Latin!!!  Yes, that’s right, Latin.  When we start prayers, someone (the boys) usually say “oremous” (let us pray).  The other day he chimed right in with them!  I couldn’t believe it.

The Professor is taking showers by himself now.  He still needs a bit of reminding not to take all day in there, but he does a thorough job.  Fortunately, he turns off the water while he’s lathering, washing and shampooing (his idea!), so the water bill isn’t through the roof.  It was getting hard to bathe the three of them together since they’re getting so big.

Velcro Boy: The pediatrician’s office put us in touch with Child Find (the agency that does free speech therapy).  I’ve contacted them and they are sending out an information packet and forms to fill out.  After that we’ll set up an appointment.

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