Sunday, October 4, 2009

Out of the mouth's of babes

Last Sunday as we're entering the pew for Mass, Doodlebug starts throwing a fit.  He's saying something and we're just not sure what it is.  Finally get him settled down and forget about it until after receiving Communion and returning to the pew.  As I'm in the process of getting back down on the kneeler (holding Doodlebug), he starts throwing another fit.  The whole 9 yards, crying, arching away from me, etc.  So, I finally get him to settle down and get him to tell me what's wrong.  And he says "cracker".  This doesn't make sense to me since he doesn't eat crackers during Mass (Goldfish, yes, crackers, no).  He continues trying to get away from me and is stretching over the pew (we're in the third row), repeating "cracker, cracker".  FINALLY I get it, he wants the Blessed Sacrament!!!  So, I explain to him that it is a very special cracker.  Jesus is in that cracker and he has to wait until he's older to get one of those special crackers.  This settles him down a bit.  Thinking about it later it dawns on me that every week (pretty much), for his entire life we've approached for Communion holding him in our arms.  We "get a cracker" and he doesn't get anything!  Poor kid.  Looking at it from his point of view, we're fairly selfish :)

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