Saturday, October 3, 2009

Disposable Consumerism

Have we turned into a world that just throws things away???  My husband's cordless drill battery has finally died.  It's been having a hard time lately holding a charge, and we finally said "enough".  So he gets online to check on prices for a new battery and finds $35.  Not too bad.  So he goes to Home Depot's site, out of curiosity, and finds a brand new drill for $25!  It costs less to buy a new one than to replace the battery.  So, of course, we decide on a new one.

Something similar happened a few months ago with the washing machine.  It cost less to buy a new one then it would have to fix the old one.  So many things are like this now a days that it's gotten ridiculous.  Recently there has been a video being shown in schools called The Story of Stuff (personally I think the video is full of lies, they even contradict themselves during it), but it has made me think about how wasteful our society has become lately.  Do we really need all this stuff???

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  1. Same thing happened to our cordless phone. The battery was more expensive than a new phone which is a tremendous waste. Maybe those of us on a budget that spend cash and not credit buy cheap disposable products ;)

    The solution would seem to be to buy more expense stuff. Home Depot has the Dewalt 14.4v XRP Cordless Drill and the replacement batteries are 29.97, but since the drill costs $200, your better off with replacement the battery. Same would be true if I bought a $100+ cordless phone. :)


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