Monday, December 14, 2009

The tree is up!

We (finally) got the tree up and decorated.  The tree actually made it's way out of the box on Friday afternoon, but we didn't get it decorated until today.  Saturday, during doodlebug's nap, I set to putting the lights on.  BIG mistake!  Of the 3 strands of lights from last year, only 1 was working!!!  So, I debated going to Wal-Mart that afternoon to replace the lights.  HMMM... Wal-Mart, late afternoon, 3 kids and myself AND less than 2 weeks before Christmas...NOPE!  No way, no how.  Not me!  So, I sent hubby later that evening.  Supposedly after the crowds had passed.  HA!  He said the registers were still 12 deep and only 2 lanes open!  Anyway, the local store didn't have any, so he went to the Supercenter (gotta love a man on a mission ;) ).  They also didn't have any.  We also decided this year to switch to the LED lights.  But neither store had the LED or the regular mini-lights.  So, Sunday on our way home from Mass, we swing by another store.  No lights.  Now I'm starting to worry.  So during Sunday nap, the Professor and I go out in search of lights.  No luck at Target, so we finally go to Sears Essentials.  Finally pay dirt!  We got the last 4 boxes of LED lights they had.  Of course they didn't have the mini-lights either.  AND they were on sale so we able to save a bit of money.  Boy are they expensive though.

I finally got the lights on late Sunday afternoon.  We're on break this week (except for a massive amount of reading, crafts and baking), so we took today to decorate the tree.  The kids had a blast.  I was very specific on the ornament per branch, keep the breakables down low...  The Professor and Velcro Boy did a good job listening, though they did have favorite sections of the tree and some ornaments were clustered.  Doodlebug also did better than I thought he would.  There were only 2-3 branches that had double ornaments. 

They each have a mini tree for their rooms, that we also decorated today.  So, the decorating is all done!  I can finally erase it off my project list.  YIPPEE!

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