Saturday, December 19, 2009

More Christmas crafts & a new angel

Velcro Boy's snowman

My generous Velcro Boy decided he wanted to make this wreath for Doodlebug's door.  Isn't he sweet???

Inspired, The Professor decided to make him a door hanger.  Unfortunately with the way our doors close, a doorhanger is less than practical :(  So the kids each have a doorhanger now, and it hangs on their wall :)

In addition to the family tree, each of the boys has their own tree in their room.  The elders decorated on their own, I "helped" Doodlebug.


The Professor's

Velcro Boy's

We also got an angel for our family tree.  We've used a star  for the last several (since I can remember) years.  Last year we couldn't find an angel we liked.  This year, we did!

Isn't she pretty??

The finished tree...

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