Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Last of the Christmas Crafts!

Here's the last round of photos!

Velcro Boy's Joseph.  He even drew the face by himself.

Doodlebug's Joseph (with help, of course.)

The Professor's Advent wreath.  It is now complete with a Christ candle too!

The Professor's Polar Express

Velcro Boy's Angel.  All. By. Himself!!!!

The Professor's Angel. (It's white, I guess the color balance is off :( )

Velcro Boy's snowman.  Again, by himself!

Doodlebug's tree.

Velcro Boy's tree.  And, yes, by himself.

Doodlebug's wreath.

Velcro Boy's wreath.

The Professor's wreath.  If you look closely, you'll notice the leaves around the holly berries.

That's all for the Christmas crafts for this year.  I know the "all by himself" is repetitious, but I'm a bit of a craft Nazi.  That I let the kids do their own projects, with very little help from me is downright amazing!  I did supervise.  I mean, we're talking about little kids with paint!  And, Doodlebug needed a lot of help.  But, I think they did really well.

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