Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Speech Therapy update

I just realized that I hadn't updated with the latest about Velcro Boy's speech therapy. I finally got in touch with the case worker (this was a while back), and there is a 6-8 week delay in scheduling the appointment for an evaluation. Then the wait on the schedule, the eval and the follow-up on that. Then 2-3 weeks to start therapy. So...this could be quite a wait to get a hopefully simple problem to resolve.

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  1. I hope the wait for speech therapy ends up being shorter than predicted, although this does sound typical in my experience. The nationwide shortage of speech therapists pretty much makes delays like this inevitable.

    Once he begins his therapy, I would definitely recommend requesting a home program so that you can work on developing his skills between sessions. I've got a few examples on my web site, if you'd like to check it out. Good luck!

    P.S.: "Doodlebug" is also my pet name for my 7-year-old daughter.


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