Tuesday, December 8, 2009

It's all up!

The house, inside and out, is finally decorated for Christmas. With the exception of the tree anyway. That will go up on Sunday and be decorated next Monday and Tuesday.

In years past, I've made an all-out push to get the decorations up the weekend after Thanksgiving. Last year, hubby convinced me to slow it down and delay the decorating. So I did, sort-of :) I took it even easier this year. I put up a box or two of decorations last week, then another this past Sunday. There's another box or two of tree decorations left to do.

I love getting out the Christmas (and Advent!) decorations. So many of our things are home-made, it's like meeting old friends all over again. My ultimate goal is to have all (or most of anyway) of our decorations be home-made. We're well on the way to that goal. And, it's something I'm striving toward over the next several/many years :)

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