Thursday, January 14, 2010

Speech Therapy evaluation

We first met with the case manager (Bonnie) and she looked at the paperwork and asked a few questions.   Then she did a hearing screening.   As my SIL predicted, playful, biting the bottom lip, smiley, silent Velcro Boy came out.   She turned on the machine (it makes a "tweeting" sound) and tried to get him to put up his hand when he heard it.   No cooperation.   Then she had him drop a block into a bucket when he heard it.   Took a few tries, but this worked!   And he cooperated.   They practiced for a bit with the headphones off to get him used to it.   Then she put the headphones on.   He did fine on the test, and passed.  

Then she did a vision screening.   UUGH!   She had him stand facing an eye chart with pictures rather than letters (house, umbrella and apple).   No cooperation what so ever!   Finally he cooperated under threat of my having to leave the room.   Not sure how well that would have worked...but I didn't need to go.   Vision's fine ( knew these two things already anyway!).

Off to the speech therapist's room.   Nice lady too!   She bribed good behavior with truck stickers.   She must know my boy :)   She showed him a few pictures and asked some questions and had him point to certain specific things that required some thought and differentiation.   Passed this section fine too.

Finally, she showed him a (long) series of pictures and had him name the items.   Some she needed very specific names (telephone instead of phone, etc).   She ran him though every letter sound and combo and letter position (beginning, middle, end) I could imagine.   She was making notes the whole time and it looked like she was trying to write down how he said each thing.   She came to the same conclusion that I did months ago (without   a degree or fancy paycheck) that he has articulation issues and everything else looks fine.   She has to score the test, review the results with Bonnie, and Bonnie will call in about a week to schedule to review the results with us and go over our options.

Overall it took about 40 minutes, not too bad.   During the part with the therapist, Jake was sitting in a little kid sized chair.   Boys really don't sit still well for any length of time.   He just HAD to get the chair in the exact spot that he could get it to rock back and forth!   Annoying.  

So we're probably looking at about 2 more weeks until we know something.

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