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Daybook January 4, 2010

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January 3, 2010

I can't believe that another year is already gone and another one is here.  Time goes too fast.

Outside my window... Darkness again.  The daytime was beautiful though.  Clear blue sky.  Cold as the dickens (for south Florida ~58 degrees.)  The days are passing too fast lately.  I feel like life is spinning (nearly) out of control and that I can't catch up. 

I am thinking...that I want to live more deliberately this year.  I feel that I've been just drifting along, more-or-less just reacting to things that come up or happen.  Rather than having a prayerfully thought out plan or goals that I would like to meet for the year(insert the sound of God laughing).

I am thankful for...blogging!  I've gotten so many wonderful ideas for schooling, and living the liturgical year that I can't even begin to thank all the lovely ladies that give of themselves so freely.

From the learning rooms... back to school (finally)!  We took the last 3 weeks off (mistake??)  We start back tomorrow.  And I'm looking forward to getting into a routine again.  We're doing full days for 3 days per week for a while, so we can enjoy the beautiful weather that is sometimes a Florida winter.  I'm not sure how long this will go on though.

I created a bit of a household schedule and as long as *I* stick to it, it works quite well.  The problem is not getting distracted by this wonderful machine I'm typing on right now ;)  In addition, The Professor and I sat down and discussed his subjects and revised the way we do our school days.  I think we came up with a workable routine.

I'm also revising (again) how I do the lesson plans.  It drives me nuts to plan out to do a certain amount of work each week, not get to some of it, and have to flip backwards in the plan book to see what was planned when we're into a new week.  So I was doing a new plan each week.  Time consuming!  So I decided, last night no less, that I *think* I can live with making a month's worth of plans.  That way I can change the plans if we get behind, or ahead which does happen, and hopefully not drive myself too crazy.

From the kitchen...chicken with duck sauce, brown rice and mixed veggies.

On weight-loss...I started out this year with the same resolve I started last year.  To get healthier and lose some weight in the process.  My goal last year: 40 pounds.  Real results:  12 pounds lost.  Not so great.  Good start though.  A vacation half-way through the year got me off course and I never got back on again.  So, I'm starting this year with a more realistic goal:  18 pounds.  By May 31st.  I think it's quite doable.  About a pound per week, with a few set-backs allowed.  I'm also renewing my goals of eating healthier and getting some exercise.  I want to feel better as well as like the scale a bit more.  So, I joined the same gym that hubby goes to.  They have a kids club and everything.  While I sweat, they get to play.

I've eliminated high fructose corn syrup, partly and fully hydrogenated oils and interestified oils as well.  There are one or two products in the house that still have these items, and some slip past on occasion.

I am wearing... jeans and a purple sweatshirt.  It's chilly!

I am creating...a very long list of projects and some organization.  I have so many things that have piled up on me that I want to do that I decided they might actually get done if I were to put it all down on "paper".  I started a list.  It's a very long list.

I'm also working on some reorganization.  The bookshelves need a major overhaul.  Especially now that my blockade to keep Doodlebug from the "big kid" books no longer works.  Fortunately it doesn't seem to be necessary either.  He is so good with books most of the time that I'm not too concerned.  The books with tabs and flaps and pull outs, that's a different story.

I am bed soon.  I'm tired tonight.  I have been a lot lately.

I am reading...nothing right now.  I finished the other books I was reading, so I'm taking a bit to get a reading list together for this year.  Any suggestions??

I am hoping...for a productive, peaceful and purposeful new year.

I am hearing...blessed silence.  Which is something the Professor also likes!  Leaving Wal-Mart today (after a marathon shopping trip), he's sitting in the car with his brothers while I'm finishing loading the car.  I get in, and before I start the engine, he says "mommy, I like the sound of silence."

Around the's still Christmas.  And it will be for another week.  Sunday ends Christmas season with the Feast of the Baptism of Our Lord, and we're celebrating Epiphany here on Saturday with a 3 Kings get-together with the family. 

One of my favorite things...cuddling with my kids.  I've been able to do a lot of that lately with all the books we've been reading lately.  So many little time.

A few plans for the rest of the week: School, visit the gym (never been, want to see the lay of the land prior to my first work out), my first gym workout, MOM's meeting, Epiphany celebration, knocking out some of my short-term projects.

Here is picture thought I am sharing... nada!  No new pictures, except for Christmas.  I need to break out the camera again.

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