Monday, November 23, 2009

Thanksgiving crafts

We've been pretty busy around here lately and have accomplished some crafts, so I thought I would post some pictures :)

For starters, the older boys made handprint turkeys.  We traced around their hands, added the wattle and legs, and they decorated with popcorn, beans and lentils.

The Professor's:

Velcro Boy's:

Then The Professor made this foam turkey:

And Velcro Boy made this door hanger.  It's currently hanging on the laundry room door, but we're going to move it for Thanksgiving Day.

Velcro Boy and I made this Fall leaf tree.  We used leaves from NJ, sent to us by my SIL.

The Professor was a bit disappointed at not getting to be part of this craft, so he drew this fall leaf tree...

There were a few more I had hoped to get to, but due to the late date we probably won't get to them :(  Oh well.  I'll just have to save them for next year.

Mental note:  thumbprint tree (similar to the above trees except decorated with thumbprints of various fall colors.), and thankfulness trees (similar to above, but with paper leaves.  On each leaf write something you're thankful for.).

We're gearing up for Advent now.  Poor Thanksgiving...gets sandwiched in between Halloween (with a whole month for projects) and Advent & Christmas.

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