Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Pictures hung!

I mentioned in my daybook the other day that I was trying to get some pictures hung.  I finally got them all done!!!  Yippee!!!  I also moved around some other pictures so we could have more wall space in our school room (aka dining room).  Here's what I ended up with...

First, I laid out the pictures on the living room floor.  In trying to decide if I liked what I saw, this happened...

My cute little imitators!  Doodlebug has his hands on his hips too.  You'll notice I'm sporting the "new" glasses.  I need to have hubby get a close up of them.

This is what ended up on the wall...

To the far left are the latest portraits of The Professor (far left), then Velcro Boy (top) and Doodlebug (bottom).  The family portrait (middle) is scheduled to be replaced after Tuesday's portrait appointment at JCPenney's.  I'm planning on getting the big 10x13 (or whatever it is) so I planned that in this layout.  I already have the frame and mats so all I need is the print!  Next to the family portrait are the "baby panels".  3, 6, 9 and 12 month portraits of Velcro Boy (top) and Doodlebug (middle).  The one on the bottom is a portrait study of the 3 boys from last Christmas.  This *may* get replaced too, we'll see.  The 5x7 to the far right is a pic of myself with the 3 boys and my great-grandparents.  We went to visit them this past summer up in Rhode Island.  It's not the greatest picture (*someone*) didn't want to cooperate, but we only get up there every few years so we made do.

In our foyer, we have...

These are  "cutie kissables" collections of each of the boys.  The Professor (top left), Doodlebug (top right) and Velcro Boy (bottom).  Each of the openings is a different close-up of some cute, kissable part of their ~3 month old body.  They are way to cute!

This is a close-up of Doodlebug's kissables.  

It took forever to get this done.  The mat is a 9 opening double mat and VERY difficult to cut.  My dad was kind enough to cut the ones for The Professor years ago.  He passed the mat cutter along to us and hubby had to cut the mats for Doodlebug.  Velcro Boy's was done by a professional photographer.  (This guy is AWESOME, pricey as expected, but incredible.)  Anyway, this is what inspired the kissables to begin with.  We had him do one for Velcro Boy, and of course what you have for one, you have to have for the here we are.

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