Saturday, November 7, 2009

Speech Therapy update

The book interrogation  information packet is done!   It took several hours.   There was also a packet of the statutes applicable to this type of educational screening.   It is fairly age-appropriate, though not all the questions really pertained to him.   It's a social and developmental history form.   They ask the normal questions (age, name, address, who does the child live with, marital status, etc.), reason for screening, others in the household.   Medical history (prenatal, delivery details,complications), current medical information (illnesses, pediatrition).   Developmental history (motor-sit, crawl, walking, potty), language (babble, 1st words, putting them together, sentences, questions), social development (changes in lifestyle-divorce, births, etc, getting along with others, behavior problems), daycare.   Then financial info (Medicaid eligible, insurance, etc).   Then Parental observations, development as compared to other kids the same age, 3 or 4 things about your child that you consider to be strengths (things your child does well, personality traits, etc).   Any other information that you feel is important in order for us to better understand your child.

I tell you, I REALLY have earned the worst parent award!   I was looking back through Velcro Boy's journal (no baby book for child #2) to answer some of the questions.   I noticed some gaps between what I noted for Velcro Boy vs. The Professor.   I knew there was a lot of things I didn't keep track of for him that I noted for The Professor.   Well, I really dropped the ball for Doodlebug.   There were a ton of things that I noted for Velcro Boy that I *know* Doodlebug has already done and I didn't note, journal or post about.  Thank God he's a boy, they don't usually look back at baby books and journals etc :)   I can't imagine a 4th or 5th child.   They would be lucky to have records of their births! :)

Now to wait to hear from the case worker.

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