Monday, November 16, 2009

Daybook November 16, 2009

For Today...

November 16, 2009

Outside my window... overcast sky, but the temps aren't so bad.  We've had a nice few days, even had the windows open and the air conditioner off for those days.  Lower electric bill, YIPPEE!

I am thinking...That I need to fold the clothes in the dryer before they wrinkle :)  I don't iron! 

I am thankful for...books!  My kids LOVE to read.

From the learning rooms... Thanksgiving school.  We're taking the next 2 weeks off.  However...we have several Thanksgiving related books to read and projects to do as well. it really time off??  And I need to get set-up for Advent.  Get books lined up, lesson plans pulled together, etc.

From the kitchen...the smell of apples and cinnamon, yummy!  I just made honey goodness breakfast bars and they smell great!

I am wearing... baby blue shorts, salmon short sleeves and the usual bare feet :)

I am creating...a Jesse Tree!  Also, Thanksgiving projects (pictures on a separate post) and a new Advent calendar.  We have one that you put the ornaments on, etc, but I found one at Michael's that has doors that open for a treat hidden inside with a little train on top.  I'll post pictures soon.

I am try to get so many things off my to-do list these next 2 weeks.  Lets see how well I do :)

I am reading...several things.
1. MOM's a Personal Journal by Paula Hagen and Vickie LoPiccolo Jennett. This is a study course to help us realize the importance of our ministries as mothers.

2. Full of Grace by Johnnette S. Benkovic. This is another study course to help deepen our appreciation and understanding of the Catholic faith, recognize the strength of prayer and the power of obedience.

The latest issue of Family Foundations.  And Homeschooling the Challenging Child by Christine Field.  I actually have yet to start this one, but I plan to in the next couple of days.  Velcro Boy isn't the most cooperative student (yes, I KNOW he's only 4), so I thought she might have some good ideas.  I read another book she wrote, Help for the Harried Homeschooler and it was very informative.

I am hoping...that we have a good session tomorrow for our family portraits.

I am hearing...Reading and the dryer running with yet another load of laundry.

Around the house...a simulated space shuttle launch.  Sometimes we can see them from in front of our house (quite a way away of course).  Not today, too many clouds :(  So...the boys pulled out their space toys and set-up a launch.  So now they are scattered all over the living room.

One of my favorite things...the smell of my kids when they wake up from a nap.  All warm and snuggly.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Date night with hubby, family portraits, an outing with my parents, MOM's meeting, grocery shopping, lots of cooking.

Here is picture thought I am sharing...

Any one ever seen a twisted up tootsie roll?!?  Leave it to the Professor!

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