Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Daybook March 2, 2010

For Today...

March 2, 2010

Outside my window... cloudy, overcast sky.  High today ~76 degrees.   Tomorrow is supposed to cool off again.  Back to the mid-60's.  I know, I really shouldn't complain, but make up your mind already!!!

I am thinking...a few things I'm not ready to discuss...

I am thankful for...stable ground.  Seems like an awful lot of the earth is suddenly moving.

From the learning rooms... After being back for a week (and taking an extra day off), we're going a bit slowly again.  The kids are sick, and sick kids don't cooperate much.  So, we're doing what we can without a fight and we'll get the rest later.

From the kitchen...Chinese!  Hubby just walked in with it...

On weight-loss...I'm even.  For 7 weeks of weight ins, I'm only down a pound :(  Not so good, but better than up :)
I am wearing... black jeans, gray short-sleeves and still those bare feet, but they finally got their pedicure!

I am creating...lots of things!
1.  A Jesus tree!  I got the banner done as well as the first 16 ornaments.  See post here and here!  I need to get pictures of the rest soon.

2.  Some Easter crafts.

I am going...to try to dip a little deeper.  There's something that just isn't working in my life right now.  I have *no* idea what it is, so I think I need to spend some quiet time and time in prayer.  I may also be so close to it that I can't see the forest for the trees so I may need to ask for some help (not an easy thing for me). (this is still from last week and I still don't have answers...)

I am reading...still nothing :(  (maybe this is the problem...)

I am hoping...that the kids get better fast, so we can get back to routine.

I am hearing...the washer and dryer running and not much else.  All 3 boys are lying down, I assume sleeping, though I could be wrong ;)

Around the house...cleaning day though I doubt I'll get to it all.  It's hard to clean much with all 3 bedrooms occupied and one of the bathrooms is off the bedroom :(  Oh well...the house won't fall apart :)

One of my favorite things...actually, I need to come up with 5 of them, and I'm drawing a blank :(

A few plans for the rest of the week:
Wednesday...school (relaxed version), the gym, and the plumber.  We had a leak in our bathroom drain over 2 years ago.  Lately we've noticed the area that was patched is beginning to sag.  Hubby opened it up today to find wet boards, wet sheetrock and a slow drip from the same drain!  The plumber will be here at 8am Thursday...school for Velcro Boy and grocery shopping.
Friday...the gym...maybe the Marine Life Center.
Monday...school and the gym

Here is picture thought I am sharing...  nothing this week.

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