Saturday, March 13, 2010

Jesus tree week 3

The next installment..sorry it's so late :)

Day 15 ~ Jesus Walks on Water
Footprints on Water
Mt 14:22-33

Day 16 ~ Promise of the Eucharist

Chalice w/Host
Jn 6:22-59

Day 17 ~ Lost Sheep/Good Shepherd

Lk 15:1-7

Day 18 ~ Jesus Feeds 5000

Loaf of Bread w/ Fish
Mt 14:13-21

Day 19 ~ Samaritan Woman at the Well

Jn 4:4-42

Day 20 ~ The Cripple at the Pool

Jn 5:1-15

Day 21 ~ Nicodemus Comes to Jesus

Dove on Water Drop
Jn 3:1-15


  1. Did you make those ornaments? They seem so perfect. Great job.

  2. Cindy ~ Thank you, I did make them! The other two weeks are under "Lent" in case you haven't found them yet. It's from a kit I got from Leaflet Missal. It's great! They also have a Jesse tree (pictures under Advent).


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