Tuesday, March 2, 2010

3 sickos!

UUGH!  All 3 kids are sick.  The Professor started on Friday night with a congested cough, runny nose.  And spiked a 103 fever yesterday.  Doodlebug followed with a cough an now a runny nose and 101 fever.  Velcro Boy came in last yesterday afternoon with the same cough and 101 fever, 102 this morning.  So we took them all to the doctor.  Prof has an upper respiratory infection with possible bronchitis, so he's going on antibiotics.  VB also possibly has bronchitis, and also gets antibiotics.  Doodle's a bit luckier.  No congestion, just a cool mist humidifier (which I just realized I forgot to set-up before his nap...). 

Interestingly enough, The Professor mentioned his peanut "allergy" because we were talking about allergies while she was out of the room getting something.  She overheard it as she was coming back in and dug a bit deeper.  Her son started the same as ours, just vomiting when eating the peanut butter, and progressed worse.  So...she suggested an epi-pen and a visit to an allergist.  So she wrote the script, taught us with the trainer while we were there and gave us a few names.  I need to schedule an appointment (probably call tomorrow) and we'll go from there.  I imagine testing will be involved.  I REALLY hope shots aren't going to become part of the (quickly unraveling) chaos that is our household lately.  At $25/visit plus at least a portion of the serum, that could get expensive quickly :(  I don't know if repeat visits like that could be covered under a single co-pay, like with pregnancy...

I'll let you know when I have more answers.

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