Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Jesus Tree week 5

Can you believe it's already the 5th week of Lent?!?  I can't.  It's going by way too fast (like most things lately I guess)...

Day 29 ~ Peter Receives the Keys to Heaven

Two Keys
Mt 16:13-20

Day 30 ~ Widow's Son Back to Life

Face w/ Tears
Lk 7:11-17

Day 31 ~ A Coin for Caesar

Caesar Coin
Mt 22:15-22

Day 32 ~ Lazarus Raised From The Dead

Mummy Head
Jn 11:1-44

Day 33 ~ The Adulteress

Gray Stones
Jn 8:1-11

Day 34 ~ The Widow's Mite

Two Small Coins
Mk 12:41-44

Day 35 ~ Woman Anoints Jesus' Feet

Lk 7:36-50

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