Monday, October 4, 2010

Who says kids don't understand???

For each of the Saints' feast days, I *try* to honor them in some way.  A book, craft, snack, meal, etc.  Today, being the Feast of St. Francis of Assissi, I went with animal crackers.  St. Francis is, of course, known for his love of animals.

After explaining the reason why were having animal crackers, we ate.  Doodlebug (so very cutely!) says "thank you animal man!"

After Mass on Sunday, he pulls his hand from mine and goes running (to my horror) across the rear of the church to a side alcove we have.  What was he so interested in?  A statue of Jesus' Sacred Heart.  I follow him in and hear him muttering to the statue.  When I ask him what he was saying, he says "Jesus, help me to be good and to be a priest".  I nearly burst into tears!

It's so encouraging to see the kids really absorbing their faith!

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  1. Oh, my good heavens! What a wonderful, gracefilled moment! I think I would have cried too. :)


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