Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Home Makeover...the school room edition~completed!!!!!

It's done, it's done, it's really, really done!!!!!  Insert happy dance here :)

I'm soooooo glad to have this project done.  

Doodlebug's area.  The cards on top of the bookcase aren't normally there.  *Someone* just had a birthday!

Velcro Boy's area.  We refer to them as cubicles :)  The small bookcase on the right holds my lesson plan book with my scheduling calendars, etc hung over it.

The Professor's with our "altar" on the left

The new table and chair.  They look really tiny in the pictures, they really are bigger :)

Our t.v. area.  On the right is our "tv" (actually an "old" computer monitor).  We can also connect the laptop to watch DVD's back here.  Excellent lighting for reading, painting, sewing, etc back here!

Not sure how long the play kitchen will stay here.  Maybe Doodlebug's room, maybe elsewhere...

This is the corner where the bookcases used to be!  This desk is huge!!!  Almost triple the space we used to have.

The Professor made this decoration all.by.himself.!!! (It's a stand up skeleton and black cat on a fence.)

So, that's our makeover!  Now on to the next BIG project.

Planning curriculum for Velcro Boy (and overhauling the schedules and plans for the rest of the house).  Having him in school wasn't working out.  They weren't giving him the speech therapy he needs, so Friday was his last day!  I've ordered a few things and I have a bunch of workbooks to go through, but we'll take it easy the first week or two.  I also have to find some speech exercises that I can do with him here at home.

After that we need to go through everything in the attic and purge some things.  I also need to go through the kids clothes for winter stuff.  The Professor is all set for winter, but I realized yesterday afternoon that he needs new shirts for church.  His current ones are about as tight as they should get and still look OK.  He can't grow more then 1/2 an inch or so this winter, or his pants will be too short :)  These kids need to stop growing :)


  1. Wow! Everything looks great, Kelly! I'm so happy for you. Nothing beats a clean orderly area for doing school work. Which reminds me...ours is in desperate need of an overhaul/decluttering fest.

  2. We just got out the winter clothes last weekend. My son is definitely lacking in the pants department. Then the first day he wore long pants he shredded both legs on the ones he had on. I have to get to sewing the boy some new pants.


  3. Wow, it all looks great! I love how everyone has their own space. We love our classroom space and its cute how the kids "make it their own" Sometimes I find them at their desks on the weekends.. just reading or coloring. I know you are so happy to be finished just in time for the holidays.


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