Saturday, October 23, 2010

Blue Knights Meeting ~ The Shield of Faith

I've had the pictures of this meeting in the camera for a while.  So, I finally decided to get them put up :)

The boys had a great time at their first Blue Knights meeting!  I KNEW that if I left Doodlebug home and took the older boys with me he would pitch the biggest fit, so I took him.  Didn't regret it a bit!  He had a blast.  Our hosts were nice enough to make him his own coloring page (St. Peter, the saint selected for this meeting) and got him something to paint while the others were painting their shields.

They started out coloring, them moved onto scripture and prayers and a discussion of faith.  They demonstrated faith (in another person) by falling backward and being caught (by one of the dads, not each other :).  Then they painted their shields, did an outside activity, had a snack and played for a while.  They had so much fun!!!!

The shields needed a second coat when we got home.  It took us a while with Velcro Boy's crazy schedule, but we finally got them done!

 Velcro Boy...

The Professor

They're really looking forward to the next meeting...The Arrow of the Love of God!

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