Monday, October 25, 2010

Blue Knights ~ Arrow of the Love of God

This was our October meeting.  Another great time!  Doodlebug was a bit more of a handful than last time, but I think it's important for him to get out too and make friends with these kids.  Did I mention that we're doing this with 2 other families from our homeschool group???

Tonight we learned about St. Sebastian.  They colored, had a talk, a bible verse, then they decorated arrows!  Then they went outside for an arrow toss (foam arrows!), then had a snack and free play.

These are the arrows that they made

We all decided to go ahead and get the breastplate, capes and badges that go with the program.  We just decided recently to do this, so we're still working on last month's badge requirements.  Those should be done in the next week and we'll get started on this month's requirements.  I even got one for Doodlebug.  I figured he would feel a bit majorly left out if he didn't have one :)

The patches will be added as in the top picture.  There's a different set of patches for each year.  They recently added year 5.

These are the patches for year 1.

We host the meeting next month here!  Our theme ~ The Spear of the Fear of God!


  1. Hi! We are doing this next week...I was wondering how you attached the head and tail of the arrow? Thanks in advance. Christine

  2. One of the other families made the arrows, so I can't be sure. The tail looks like it's hot glued on. The tip is probably also hot glued, then there is a layer of red duct tape over it as well. The boys decorated the tails.


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