Monday, October 4, 2010

Home Makeover...the school room edition (cont 2)

the bookcases in position...

On the other side of the room...
The "new" (and very temporary) location of the entertainment center.
filled bookcase (all the books are roughly in place)

The new location for the couch.  Yes, it's in the back room.  Told 'ya it was a paradigm shift :)

The desk (foreground) is now over in the corner where the bookcases used to be.  With the file cabinet & printer next to it and some tv trays as extra surface area.  We'll be getting a L-shaped desk for this area and replacing the old one.

Next to the desk is the loveseat (the end tables are now set up on either side).
The new desks!!!!!  Still waiting on the chairs...

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