Saturday, April 16, 2011


At the beginning of February we made a trip to Rhode Island to see my grandparents.  The area had just had a major snow storm and the airports were closed.  While the circumstances weren't the best (grandpa was very sick), it was great to see snow again.  I moved to sunnier parts many years ago and I miss snow :(  The boys had never seen it and they were besides themselves to see, feel, play, jump, etc in it.  Here are some shots I got.

These are views from our hotel room window.  The foreground is the snow bank across the parking lot.  The middle ground is the roof of a nearby building.  It was snowing at the time, though you can't see it too well.

The Professor and Doodlebug sitting on the window sill watching the snow/rain mixture.  As you can tell it was early morning, and it was more rain than snow, so we didn't go outside.  We only had one other opportunity to see it snowing, and that was at 11:00 at night in Maryland on our way home :(  Only Velcro Boy, hubby and I got to see it.  I was tempted to wake the other boys, but didn't (cold, wearing pajamas, didn't want them to stay awake instead of sleeping on the road later...).  In hindsight, I regret not waking them up.  It was a nice snow fall too.  VB and I got out of the car at the rest stop and caught snow with our tongues. 

It was snowing, you can see some accumulation on this car (not ours).  Amazingly, when we went out later, there was no snow on our car.

On the way, we stopped at a park in Connecticut to let the boys run a bit.  They were tired after being cooped up in the car for two straight (long) days.  They had a blast.

Here's some video!

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