Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Professor builds...

Lots of things...

A vacuum cleaner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And it really works!

He tested it out on the grains of salt from our salt grinder.

The back is covered with tape.  If you look closely, some of the "dirt" gets stuck to the tape.

In his chapter on Venus, the project was to learn how radar works (remember he's 7!!!).  The parent was to build the surface of Venus without the student seeing it.  This box was covered with a graph (see below) that he had to check each grid square to map the surface.

This is his "measuring stick".  Each color marks an inch.

The final surface map :)

A Camera!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Modeled to look like my Rebel 2000, complete with flash and telephoto lens :)

A compass!!!  We followed the instructions in Exploring Creation With Astronomy and it worked perfectly.  We actually tried this once before and it flopped royally :)
Pointing north!

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