Monday, January 10, 2011

November Pack Meeting

It's come to my attention that I have horribly neglected this blog. :(  Sorry everyone!  Things got pretty busy around here...I'm sure you can all empathize :)

Going back a while, I'll attempt to catch you up, without overwhelming you :)

At the November cub scouts pack meeting The Professor earned...

his first 2 beads!  To earn their wolf badges, they must complete 12 requirements.  For every 3 requirements they complete, they earn a bead to go on a "progress toward ranks" cord.

He also got his soapbox derby "license".  Super excited!!

On Veterans Day his pack was in a parade (did I post about this????).  Cubmaster put a patches for the parade in some balloons. The only way the boys could get the patch was to pop the balloon.  I totally did not expect The Professor to get up there and pop one, but he did!!!!

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