Saturday, January 15, 2011

Christmas Day

Just a "few" pictures from Christmas ;)

Our usual Christmas morning shot at the top of the stairs.  The kids are getting too big!
can the eyes get any bigger?!?
Where to start?

cap guns!

all set for soccer


he was so thrilled to be getting another pair of brown gloves (for playtime)

inchworm...remember these????
The Professor's new bike
His favorite new book!  Yes, he loves to read about the elements.

and more Thomas!

power screwdriver and a 5 year old...hmmm...this can't be good...

playing Chinese checkers with Nana and Uncle Phil
 Part of the family...There were a few more toward the bottom of the shot.

Yes...he ate!
Doodlebug and Greatgrandpa.  The oldest and the youngest in one shot.  Good shot honey!
(There are actually 2 younger grandchildren in the family.  One was at my SIL's family's house and the other had not arrived at our house yet.)

Hope everyone has a blessed, safe and Merry Christmas!!!


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