Thursday, January 13, 2011

Advent Happenings

Making our Christ candle.  Very simple rub-ons that I picked up at Michael's at last year's post Christmas sale.

Inspired by Jessica's post from last year, I created an O'Antiphon's house of our own.  She so very sweetly shared the document she used for her house and I was well on my way :)

Some purple spray paint left from Lent, some gold from Easter and a trip to Michael's and I was all set.  They didn't have any blocks in the size I needed, so we got one large block and hubby cut them down to size for me.

Also inspired by Jessica, we celebrated the O'Antiphon days with their own special activity.  Each day was a hit and the kids were so excited about the next day.  This is definitely a tradition that we'll be keeping around here!

December 17th ~ O Wisdom ~ We gave the kids each a book.  Unfortunately I wasn't fast enough to catch them...but they got books about Epiphany

December 18th~O Adonai~ Gingerbread house kit!  The boys and their daddy had a blast putting it together.  I think they did a rather nice job for their first time :)

December 19th~O Root of Jesse~ I had planned on making a stew or soup of some kind including root veggies, but I ran out of time.  So I settled with reading The Legend of the Poinsettia by Tomie dePaola.  BTW...did you hear his good news???  Another good idea would be these cupcakes.

December 20th ~ O Key of David ~ Key lime pie, of course!  I think I may need to find something else because the boys weren't too into this pie. :(

December 21st ~ O Dayspring ~ We went for a Christmas light drive.  Other ideas.

December 22nd ~ O King ~ the plan was to make crowns or crown shaped sugar cookies.  Notice I said "the plan"...

December 23rd ~ O Emmanuel ~ We didn't really do anything for this.  But I'm in love with this chocolate Nativity set Jessica made.  Of course she has other wonderful ideas to go along with O Antiphons too :)

Of course we had our Advent wreath, Jesse Tree, and other countdown calendars as well as our Nativity set.  (I see that I neglected to post pictures of the completed donkey...)

When we rearranged the house we neglected to leave space for the Christmas tree :(  So we searched and procrastinated. Finally we decided to put it in the corner of the dining area.  You can see a bit of it in the picture above.  There was no room for the angel though, so she resided on top of one of the bookcases looking over the whole room.

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