Friday, January 14, 2011

December Feast Days

Though we didn't do everything I would have liked to do, we did manage to celebrate a few of the many special feast days during Advent.

Starting with the Feast of St. Andrew...

 Fishers of ...goldfish! :)  Pretzel stick fishing rods and goldfish!
 Due to a peanut allergy, the Professor was using cream cheese, but the other boys used peanut butter.
 They had a blast!

Then...Feast of St. Nicholas...

We don't have much need for slippers here in the south, so I just used their shoes.

These coins were such a fantastic idea Jessica came up with.  I have gotten so many wonderful ideas from her!!!!  She was so very generous and shared her documents with the rest of us. She also provides links for Christmas coins that I made for our nieces.  So cute!

Of course, the boys all received books :)

They really liked this tradition and I think it's a keeper. 

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