Sunday, September 27, 2009

Beautiful Compliment

Since becoming Catholic last year, I have felt strongly pulled to the more traditional practices of the Church. One of those being the wearing of a mantilla as a reminder that God is over us. I find it helps me to stay focused on the Liturgy as well as reminding me of God's presence (as if the great big Tabernacle doesn't ;)). One day a few weeks ago, as I'm entering the Church, the greater stopped me and told me "when you put your mantilla on, you look just like the Blessed Mother. You're beautiful." It was the first response I've had regarding the mantilla and it was one of the most touching things I've ever been told. It brought tears to my eyes.


  1. That is a nice comment. I've considered getting mantilla's for the girls, but wouldn't know what to get or if they would wear them.

  2. Ken - a small white mantilla, they also have smaller "doilies" for kids would be good. If Kaitlyn will keep hers on, I'm sure Ellie would too. Since they wear hats, they might be OK. My hang-up with starting to wear one was not wanting to stand-out in the crowd being the only one with one on. They might not feel the same. :)

  3. You're courageous. I thought about them being the only ones at our church and assumed mantillas were just more popular at yours. Although, a new trend wouldn't hurt. I think I'll see what Tamra thinks.

    You're much more couragious than I am. Our church doesn't have kneelers and even though I feel like I should be kneeling during the Eucharistic Prayer, I don't. I also have chickened out regarding receiving the Eucharist on the tongue and still use my hands. It's the way I've done it since 2nd Grade.


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