Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Professor's First Communion

In a beautiful Mass (what Mass isn't beautiful???) about 6 weeks ago The Professor received his First Communion. We've been rather busy since then, so I apologize for not getting pictures up sooner.

He's in the second row, second from the end. As you can see, the church (huge, BTW) was overpacked.  The pews were shoulder to shoulder with kids on laps.  People were standing two or three deep.  More were there for this than Midnight Mass or the Easter Vigil!

Just HAD to fix his jacket during the homily!!!!!!!!!!!

Second row, the one with the glasses :)

I believe the question was :Who wants to go to Heaven?

Not mine, but I thought this was funny.  Mom came chasing this kid down for across the church and the look says, "Awww, mom.  This is so not cool!" ha ha!

He's on the right.

These photos were all taken by the parish's photographer, so I hold no claim to them at all.

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