Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Cub Scout Camp 2011

Earlier this month, The Professor went to a cub scout day camp.  Aside from the heat (80-90+ every day), he had a great time.  They made lots of projects, of course I only got pictures of a few things.  They did lots of activities, marshmallow guns through targets, water guns at each other, etc.  They even had a station called "concoctions".  They made slime, homemade pasta (red), scrambled eggs (green) and ice cream!  Here are some of the projects he came home with...


They decorated a canvas bag, his is a plane, of course. :)

a pinwheel...

Believe it or not, this is a kite!  Also decorated with planes :)  
The green strings are the kite strings.

Overall he had lots of fun.  This was followed up with a ballgame, movie and sleepover at the local minor league baseball ballpark.  He did this with his dad, I'm so not a sleep-on-the-ground person :)

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