Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Professor's First Communion Part 2

After the Mass, we had family back to the house.  Unfortunately, some were not able to make it due to illness and others were out of town, so it ended up being a small gathering.

The cake...

The Professor's Nana made him a bagful of stuff.  She typed up and framed his favorite scripture and his favorite Psalm.

I was looking around for cake ideas, and I came across a link to an Etsy shop that sells Lego Rosaries!  I *knew* he would love one, and I was right!!!!  He really looks forward to prayer-time now.

My favorite gift of all (even better than the reaction to the Rosary), was a spiritual bouquet my MIL gave him from her lay Carmelite community.  Those wonderful people have offered so many Masses, holy hours, Chaplets, Rosaries, etc I couldn't believe it.  When I asked her when all of these had started being offered, she said "about a month ago".  I was flabbergasted!  The conversion in his attitude and some things that had been happening around here that just stopped out of the clear blue was amazing.  It was an incredible witness to the power of prayer that continues to move me to this day.

It was such a blessed day.  It's wonderful to see the changes that have come to The Professor in just the short time since he began to receive Jesus.

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