Sunday, May 2, 2010

Garden of the Good Shepherd week 4

Day 22 ~ The Boat
Matthew 8:23-27

We made boats from Colonial Kids!

Read Boats by Anne Rockwell.

And hung some of The Professor's pictures of boats...

This last one is the Dawn Treader from The Chronicles of Narnia series.
We read the series as our evening read-alouds and the Professor really enjoyed them.  
I think he'll get more out of them in a few years though.  
Some of the material seemed over his 6-year-old head ;)

Day 23 ~ The Mast
Ezekial 27:4-7

We were going to make cross-shaped sugar cookies, but we're all way too sugared out from the treats lately :)

Day 24 ~ The Sail 
Acts 27:33-44

Berry blue sailboats!

Doodlebug even made a shipwreck ;)

Day 25 ~ The Net
Mark 1:16-20

Net-shaped pretzels!

Day 26 ~ The Fishes
John 21:4-8

We went to see fish (and cats) at the pet store.  We also had Goldfish for snack.

Day 27 ~ The Barbecue
John 21:9-14


Day 28 ~ The Leviathan
Psalm 104:24-30

We went to the aquarium at the Science Museum and read  My Visit to the Aquarium by Aliki.

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  1. What a fun week! I just love the Blue Berry Sailboats, super CUTE!!


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