Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Favorite Fives: Outside

It's that time of the month again...  This month's favorite fives is our favorite outside things.

Let's see...hmmm....

1.  Fireflies!
2.  Fall leaves.  
I love the smell of fall.  Isn't it wonderful how God can make a season into a smell?!?

Unfortunately we don't get a whole lot of the first two thing down here in Florida :(

3.  Flowers! 
(Can't seem to find any in our digital files.  Can it REALLY be that long since I've gone out shooting?!?  Must correct that ASAP...)
4.  The beach.  

Salty air laced with the smell of suntan lotion (coconut).  The call of sea gulls.  Kids running back and forth.
The peaceful silence when you're alone.
Though I do dislike the sand.

5. Sunsets!  
(I have come to appreciate sunrises lately too)

 God's power in all it's majesty. 

Head on over to Emily's to tell us about your favorite fives!


  1. Gorgeous sunset!! Wow, we are from the panhandle.. I love the soft white sand!


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