Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Holy Thursday & Lenten Tea

I've often wondered just when Jesus knew what was going to happen to Him.  Did He know how bad things would get?  Did He know how deserted He would be?  How much He loved us to leave the wonders of Heaven to come here to be a helpless baby.  Sit in dirty diapers, learn to walk, stumble and fall.  Grow up, be spat upon, beaten, made fun of, abandoned and die a horrible death.  It makes me want to cry.

To reflect upon His pain and suffering, and inspired by Jessica's post, I decided to have a Lenten tea party of sorts.

~ The King's Crown ~

Scoops by Tostitos.
"And Pilate asked Him, 'Are you the King of the Jews?' And He answered him, 'You have said so.'" Mark 15: 2

~ Out of Envy ~

Homemade guacamole!  So very, very yummy.  "[H]e perceived that it was out of envy that the chief priests had delivered Him up." Mark 15: 10

~ The Purple Cloak ~

Blueberry Applesauce.  "And they clothed Him in a purple cloak . . . ." Mark 15: 17

~ The Crown of Thorns ~

". . . and, plaiting a crown of thorns they put it on him." Mark 15: 17

~ Golgotha Eggs ~

My hope was to decorate some hard-boiled eggs to look like skulls, but... poor planning, etc.  So at the last minute I scrounged around and found:

"And they brought Him to the place called Golgotha (which means the place of the skull)" Mark 15: 22

~ The Seamless Garment ~

"But the tunic was without seam, woven from top to bottom; so they said to one another, 'Let us not tear it, but cast lots for it to see whose it shall be.'" John 19: 23-24

~ The Two Robbers ~
Jessica used basil leaves.  I didn't have any.  The Professor suggested leaves from the bush outside, so I sent him on a mission :)  No, we didn't eat them :)

And with Him they crucified two robbers, one on His right and one on His left." Mark 15: 27

~ Vinegar to Drink ~
"And one ran and, filling a sponge full of vinegar, put it on a reed and gave it to him to drink, saying 'Wait, let us see whether Elijah will come to take Him down.'" Mark 15: 36

The boys weren't interested in trying any of it.

~ The Roman Centurion ~

Red grapes.  "And when the centurion, who stood facing Him, saw that He thus breathed His last, he said, 'Truly this man was the Son of God.'" Mark 15: 39

~ Laid in the Tomb ~


 Muffins with a strawberry tucked inside.  Oddly enough the guys didn't like the muffins, though they LOVE strawberries.  Next year maybe I'll try a piece of chocolate...

 "And he brought a linen shroud, and taking Him down, wrapped him in the linen shroud, and laid Him in a tomb which had been hewn out of the rock; and he rolled a stone against the door of the tomb."

The quotes were written on purple cardstock and we served a bit after 3:00 (baby slept late).  

After eating we did the last one..

 Using paper napkins (or muffin wrappers), we tore them in half to symbolize the rending of the cloth in the temple after Jesus died. 
"And the curtain of the Temple was torn in two, from top to bottom." Mark 15: 38.

Everyone really enjoyed this and I'm looking forward to doing another tea for Easter (also inspired by Jessica inspired by Alice).  I think this will be a yearly tradition.  Check out Alice's blog.  She has several other teas...Christmas, Epiphany, Candlemas, etc...

We ended the day at Mass followed by dessert at Friendly's.  My parents came to take care of the kids so we got a rare evening out.  Hubby was even one of the not-so-few that had their feet washed, but that's another post :)

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  1. I really enjoyed this post. Sounds like you had a great day.


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