Saturday, August 18, 2012

Velcro Boy turns 7!

(a week ago)    I'll spare you the "where did the time go" rant that has become such a part of my life.  I guess it comes from having my two oldest have birthdays and having a (quickly) growing baby at the same time.  To say nothing of the 4 year old that seems to have grown up overnight.

Since we had the party 2 weeks ago, no cake today, but he did have some presents from my parents to open...

 Lego walkie talkies (unfortunately they don't work well - constant static on one unit.  We're working with the company to get it replaced)
 "spy watch".  Tells the time in 100 (or maybe just 9) time zones.

Boys and their trucks :)

And the Professor's new cut (though he could use another by now, sigh)

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  1. I think having a baby in the house has a lot to do with time disappearance. ;)

    Happy birthday to your son! One of my boys turned 7 just last week, too.


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